Nowadays it is a little town in Valašsko-picturesque Moravian region. But for hundred years there was domicile of a numerous and important Jewish community
For the first time are Jews reported in Moravian land´s desks in 1391.According to this report a Jew named Peshak had got a farm in Kostelec near Holešov. But the beginning of continuous Jewish settlement in Holešov dates to 1454-in this year Jews were banished form all Moravian king´s towns and they had to settle in the country.
There was a Jewish school in ghetto and in a Shakh s life was there ješiva too ,which is sustained by the inscription on Shakh´s tombstone-he is titled as a gaon.
Many years later, in the 19 th c. , was the Jewish school-cheder-transformed to primary German school (with three classes).It was ceased in 1919.Marcus Chajjim , Jicchak Shimmon were the teachers; the last schoolmaster was Max Winder (his son Ludwig W. is noted as an author of the famous novel The Successor to the Throne).
There was placed a hosp in ghetto, to board and lodging the needy old Jews. There was of course chevra kadisha-the burial confraternity. The club of Jewish girls Sulamit was founded in 1910,so as The Club of Jewish Academicians.
The Jewish community in Holešov was one of the most numerous, rich and important in Moravia. In 1794 there were 194 Jewish families in 49 houses-altogether 1032 inhabitants; in 1830 there lived 265 families (1316 inhabitants) in ghetto and in 1848 there were 1694 Jews (1/3 of all inhabitants of Holešov).
But within a few decades this number decreased with migration to a half-in 1900 lived in ghetto 695 Jews and after the 1 st w.w. 328 Jews only. During the 2 nd w.w. was Jewish community in Holešov quite destroyed. he last member of this once so reputable community was buried in 1986.