OLAM-What is it?
Olam-Society Judaica Holešov is an independent, non-profit-making civic association.
It was established in 2 000, officially registered by administrative section of Home Office CR.
Our mission- to inform about Judaism, his history, culture, to research unknown, forgotten Jewish personalities and moments of regional (Czech, Moravian) Jewish history , to inform about them; to notify to various form of antisemitism and racial intolerance in our country; to enrich cultural acting of our region and to incorporate it into a larger context.
We organize festival of Jewish culture, lectures, summer volunteers ´ team work in local Jewish cemetery.
Who can became our member? Every man or woman, interesting in Judaism, its culture, monuments.
Our members live -besides Holešov- in Moravian towns Kroměříž, Zlín, Přerov, Val.Meziříčí. We co-operate with Jewish Community Brno and with Czech Jewish Liberal Union.