Rabbi Shabbtai ben Meir haKohen- Shakh


He was born in Lithuania, Amstibovo in 1621, died and buried in 1663, Holeshov (Moravia).
Descendant of a many-branched family of Tora scholars, a man of deep intellect, rapid comprehension and thorough education. He studies in yeshivas inTykocin , Krakow (rabbi Jehoshua Heschel, author of Maginei Shlomo) and Lublin (rabbi Naftali Katz). Since his wedding (daughter of rav Benjamin Zev, grandson of Rav Moshe Isserl-Rama) he lived in the home of his father-in-law in Vilno, devoted entirely to Tora. He wrote his great work Sifthei Cohen (on Yoreh De´ah, part of Shulhan Arukh), published in 1646, Krakow.
In those days were many of Jewish communities in Poland masacred by B.Chmelnicki´s Cossacks.
Rabbi Shabbtai -as one of many refugees- came ( from Lublin) to Dresnitz (Moravia) and later to Holeshov. (1658).
His works (besides Sifthei Cohen) are: He-Arukh (a commentary on the Arbaa Turim),
  • Tokfo kohen (on the laws of possession and undecided laws), Gevurat Anashim (on chpter 154 of SA),
  • Poel Zedek (on 613 commandments as enumerated by Maimonides),
  • Megillat Eifah ( describing sufferings of Polen Jews during the era Chmelnicki), selichot.
  • His halakhic dispute with David ben Samuel ha Levi was also published. During years in Holeshov Shakh became friendly with a Christian scholar Valentino Wiedrich from university in Leipzig)