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It is my favorite book. It is an autobiography written by the famous American writer Helen Keller.his book, Helen Keller tells us that she can slide down from her mother's knees and step forward as she turns off her age. However, the happy time ended too early. At the beginning of the twentieth month of her life, the sudden high fever did not retreat. The doctor diagnosed acute gastric congestion and cerebral congestion Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping, and even declared Helen��s death. In the early morning, Helen Keller��s high fever suddenly retreated, but the price of life was the loss of sight and hearing. Later, with the help of Teacher Anne Sullivan Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, Helen Keller studied hard Buy Newport Online Cheap. She not only learned to read and write in Braille, but also touched the movement of the speaker's lips with her fingers, thus learning to speak. Helen Keller eventually grew into a world-renowned writer and speaker. Help people with disabilities through their own writing and speaking.len Keller is such a girl living in a dark and silent world, shaking her world in her own unique way. Helen Keller spent the whole life with the help of Sullivan's teacher to acquire knowledge with a desire for knowledge Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online. We also have to learn her longing for knowledge, not to stop in the face of difficulties, not to fall. In the usual study life, we must learn from her spirit of self-improvement, and give more care and love to the egrity, affection, friendship, or money? One celebrity did an investigation and asked 100 people, and 85% said it was money. However, I believe that honesty is the most valuable in the world!aw a story in the book "Life", the title of the story is "The signboard of the store." The story is about a couple who opened a hotel and burned the wine. The hotel��s business is booming. But one day, the wife found the wine in the wine sold by the customers, so the hotel business gradually became deserted. Finally, I had to close the door and shut down. From this story, we can see how important integrity is! It is very difficult for people to survive in this society without integrity. mathematics tried to curl it down. I got 100 points, but when the teacher commented, I found out that I had a wrong question. I feel very contradictory. If I tell the teacher, I will no longer be 100 points. However, if I don't tell the teacher, I will be sorry for my conscience. Suddenly, I remembered a sentence that my mother once said to me Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices, ��Be sure to be honest when you are a man.�� So I found a math teacher and told her. However, I am no longer 100 points. Looking at the score of 98 points in the score column, I feel much more comfortable. This is the score I need. It shows that I am an honest child.grity can't be bought with money, and honesty can't be measured by money. Integrity is the core of people and the foundation of people. It is our responsibility to talk about integrity. Classmates, let us do it together.

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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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