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Sexual addiction exacts a devastating toll on weddings. As a consequence Authentic Renell Wren Jersey , spouses need support and healing to work thru the range of feelings and difficult experiences due to being in relationship with a sex addict. And though I will be making reference to the sex addict using the male gender in this article, it is not only guys who become addicts ; there are an increasing number of girls being diagnosed with sex addiction .

What is sex obsession?
Sex obsession is a way a few of the people use unnecessary sex to “medicate” their feelings and or deal with their pressures in life. The people regularly can’t stop this sexual behavior for any great time period by themselves. The sex addict spends plenty of time in the pursuit of his sexual activity fantasy or he might have a blow-out of sexual behaviors.

So how is this different to someone that just has a high sex drive?
An individual with a high sex drive is satisfied with sex, they like it but it is not the be all and end all for them. It’s not a “fix”, unlike for the addict. When their partner claims “NO” the addict overreacts, they want their “fix” and blame the partner for withholding it. They also see this refusal as a rejection of themselves.

Existing with a sex addict
Better halves of sex addicts report many similar feelings about living alongside the sex addict. The feeling of being alone is a typical experience with spouses of sex addicts ; the way that he can’t open up and tell you about his “real” self. They also know that if they tend to his sometimes weird sexual requests, it still is not enough, that leads to despondency and the sensation the wedding can’t be saved. Wives also feel outrage, against the addict and against themselves. There is also the risk of sexually transmitted diseases ; your other half could be taking pointless risks in his wish to get his “fix”.

Five tips for coping
one. Tell your partner what you want apropos his behavior. If your better half is unhelpful you could need to let him know that if the 2 of you cannot come to agreeable terms about what is sufficient in your relationship you may take action to end it ( and you must be heavy that you will finish it it cannot be an empty threat ). Of course, a major decision like ending a marriage should be made only after heavy deliberation, preferably after looking for counselling from a professional counselor.

2. For your own mental well-being, remember that you cannot control his behavior to “make” him do what you have asked. He must wish to stop and to be able to demonstrate to you his candor by his actions. Don’t accept the role of cop in the relationship.

three. Keep an eye out for your own “codependent” behavior. Speaking strictly, codependency has to do with trying to look after and control an addict. Nonetheless it could also mean the spouse has been interested in the sex addicts due to self-esteem Problems of their own. They have to be required and a sex addict can satisfy that need. This is known as “codependency.” If this is the case with you, then you are going to want to handle yourself.

four. There are numerous helpful books on the subject ; you’ll find a list at the end of this text. Understanding what sex obsession is will help you understand your partner and also your reaction to his behavior.

5. Talk with someone you have faith in. Spouses of sex addicts feel isolated and are often too embarrassed to chat to a close friend. You need to find someone, keeping feelings suppressed will only cause you more harm.

Getting help
The concept of sexual obsession still hasn’t got universal acknowledgment. The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health has a list of its professional members on the internet at the SASH web site. Look there for the name of a therapist who is near you. If there is not any person, then call the closest name from the list and see whether they know someone who is near you. If you still do not have success, then go to any consultant who works alongside addictions. Even if your partner refuses to seek help, please remember that it is easy to get help without them. The sensations of anger, loss, solitude and many other feelings encountered over time of living alongside this addiction will affect an individual. These sensations have to be dealt with therapeutically whether or not they stay married to the addict or not.

And remember, it is not your fault
The obsession is in no way your fault, the addict’s addiction started many years before you even met them. You are as much a victim of their obsession as they are.

Luther Parker is an author who specializes in sex addiction and has a passion for hiking.

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