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I also think it’s worth considering that a barefoot/Vibram heel strike may not be a bad thing for some people. Before you accuse me of being crazy, read this conference abstract. Based on the results reported in the abstract, it appears that different people adopt different strategies to reduce tibial shock. Some adopt a midfoot/forefoot strike, whereas others use an “ankle Adidas NMD Mujer strategy” with greater dorsiflexion and decreased knee flexion at foot strike. I can’t tell from the abstract if these individuals were wearing shoes, but I suspect that they probably were, as a heel landing with extended knee would not seem to be an effective way to reduce tibial shock without some amount of cushion under the heel. However, this could explain why so many people in cushioned shoes seem to overstride. Amby Burfoot asked Irene Davis about these somewhat counterintuitive results, and here is what she had to say:“Runner’s Adidas Superstar Mujer World: In one of your form-changing studies, you apparently found that runners could reduce tibial shock by either landing more on their midfoot or forefoot, or by landing further back on their heels. Those results seem sort of contradictory.Irene Davis: Indeed, Brad Bowser, lead author, and I were surprised to see the increased rearfoot strike. We had hypothesized that they would reduce the tibial shock by transitioning to more of a forefoot landing. But we didn’t instruct the runners how to reduce their loading – we allowed them to adopt their own strategy as we were interested in how they would do it. And it appears that more runners adopted the greater rearfoot strike pattern.Here’s what I think happened: I think most of them utilized the rearfoot strategy as it was their accustomed pattern. Instead of changing to a midfoot Adidas Arkyn Mujer or forefoot strike, they just accentuated it more and sort of rolled through their foot strike.”Echoing Davis’ comments, here is a statement from Dr. John Porcari, who was one of the authors of the ACE study discussed in this post:“It’s tough to re-learn to run,” says Dr. John Porcari. “When you look at the data even though we encouraged them to run with a more forefoot strike while wearing the Vibrams, half of the subjects still continued to land on their heels. Even with two weeks to practice and instruction in how to use the barefoot shoes, Nike Air Max 98 Mens [the subjects’] bodies still tended to run the way they’ve always run.”“It’s tough to re-learn how to run.” That quote really sums it up, but I would qualify it by adding “for some people.” Nonetheless, when I ponder this, I keep coming back to the fact that we really need to start with the Nike Air Max 95 Femme kids. Get them in good shoes from the start. Let them develop the strength and internal stability that they need to support their ability to run. Let them develop their “natural” running form free from the influence of overly controlling, cushioned, and supportive footwear. Let them run barefoot when they want, so that they can develop their proprioreceptive abilities. Encourage activity, not just in childhood, but throughout life. If we did this, we would not need form coaches, and I honestly believe we would all be a lot better offThis Adidas Ultra Boost Femme debate is not so much about being barefoot or being shod – the fact of the matter is that most people are going to wear shoes when they run. The focus should really be on running well, being strong, building internal stability, and naturally developing the form that is most appropriate for your Nike Air Vapormax Femme individual body structure. We may not all wind up running the same way, but I truly believe that each of us has a form that will work best for us on an individual level. That “best form” may be your current form, or it may not. It may take a bit of experimentation, practice, learning, and yes, perhaps even a bit of coaching to find it. The end goal, though, is to be able to run – nothing more, nothing less – and I think that is something that we can all agree upon.

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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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