The Jewish cemetery -Bejt ha olam- always belonged necessarily to ghetto..
So it was in Holešov.Reasonably we presume its existence as early as the 2nd half of the 15th century.
However the oldest legible tombstone is from 1647.
Later was the cemetery enlarged more than once and after the flood in 1686 /some graves were destroyed during it/ was built up an antiflood line towards the river.
In 1711 was bought an area /for 100 gold./ by heads of Jewish community to enlarge again the cemetery.

There we can find many reputable names on this cemetery,the greatest one is rabbi Shabbtai ben Meir ha Kohen ,called Shakh,the scholar,halachic authority,an author of commentaries to Jos.Karo´s Shulchan Aruch.By By the folk tradition was Shakh an admirable miraculous rabbi. .

Text on the frontal desk of his tombstone says in translation from Hebrew:
"This desk was renewed to the 300th anniversary of gaon Shabtai /chronograph gets here the number 718=1958 ch.e./.
Here is engraved that at this place was put up and saved as a wessel of manna the master,the faithful teacher,rabbi,gaon,our eminent scholar,rabbi Shabbatai,gaon,ha kohen,renowned,bedaubed with sacred oil,author of Siftei Kohen, a crown of his times,directed to heaven in the half of his life,his soul went out on the first day of month adar rishon,on thursday,he was buried on the next day,in the year and day when Messiah came to rescue the people which not were forlorn.
/Chronostichon above the words "Messiah came to rescue"shows the number 423=1663 ch.e.,which is the year of Shabtai´s death/ He will take part in future world and he is presented with fairness to searching God and Peace.
May his soul be included to the bunch of l the livings."